Forum Five

Reviewed the code on GitHub

I like the clarity of the code, but I really prefer to see HTML and PHP separated into different files.

No profiles or any method to see what else somebody has posted.

That was the purpose of the "forum.php" (business logic) and "index.php" (view). I didn't want to expand into a full-fledged, multi-file theme though since that kind of defeats the small/simple goal.

Fair enough but I agree, would be cool to have a 'heavier' version with more features?

I don't know about a heavier version. This is very helpful as a starting point to a modern PHP website. It includes sqlite, external authentication and responsive design. I just think a lightweight templating system would round it out nicely.

I'll keep that in mind, I'm a fan of mustache personally. Though I know that having PHP-based templates really helped Wordpress, Drupal, and many others. However, perhaps more important that templates is having a page that shows all your posts or having an email ping when someone replies.

please, keep it minimal. Better, make it more minimal. :)